4" Hoya lobbii Flowers: yellowish *RARE - The Seaside Succulent

4" Hoya lobbii Flowers: yellowish *RARE

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Hoya lobbii is a tough plant that can really take conditions that would do in many other Hoyas!  It is a native of Thailand, a shade loving plant that blooms much of the year and won’t let you down.  There are several color variants of this plant; I currently have three of them – Orange, Pink, and Cream.

Hoya lobbii is a non-twining Hoyas that grows best tied to a trellis to help keep it upright.  It is capable of getting very large.  I have one that is over three feet high and another that is over four feet tall.  For the size of the plant they have relatively small root systems, and I find that they do not need to be transplanted as often as other Hoyas.

Light: Place in very bright, indirect light. A few hours of direct morning or late afternoon sun is great.
Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings. Requires very high humidity!
Pets: *Pet friendly*

*Ships bare root*